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Trade links with us at Horse Racing Tips Australia and its free. The Internet exists because of the power of links so if you have a quality horse racing or horse related website then contact us below and we will add your link and a description of your website to the main page of our website.

With good SEO i.e. search engine optimization the building of quality links is essential and good links added in the right way will help your ranking on the major search engines. Paying for traffic is not ideal and who wants to have to do that, so why pay money when you can get traffic for free by just using good SEO techniques. 

Simply fill in your website details below further below.

Please note your website must be Horse Racing or Horse related for your link to be even considered so only contact us if your website covers either of these topics. We do not just accept every website submitted as the site must be of some quality and we check every website submitted and if its good we will get straight back to you notifying you that your link has been added to our site.

You must also add our link to your website which must read:

Horse Racing Tips Australia the best horse racing ratings everyday and the 1st 3 races everywhere are free.

With the words Horse Racing Tips hyperlinked directly back to us at:

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan.

Any Questions? Phone Mike Keenan on (07) 46344012 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday or email me directly via the Contact Us page. And always please feel free to phone me as I basically work 7 days a week because this job is so intensive and time consuming and I am always happy to take some time out to have a chat to anyone about anything to do with horse racing.

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