Neds Australia's New Bookmaker The Story

Neds Australia's New Bookmaker But What Is The Story?
Neds Australia's newest bookmaker has launched and it was on Wednesday October 4th 2017 without a lot of fanfare and I guess a lot of people did not know they were even coming. I only new myself because of my contacts on LinkedIn who shared press releases earlier in the year.

So its been just 2 days currently since they opened and I have seen a lot of negative feedback across the horse racing forums from people that have not even joined the service. It seems that because the CEO is a former Ladbrokes head that all the news has to be instantly negative. I can totally understand people being pessimistic about bookmakers because there record of doing the fair thing is not strong, but I have spoken to the general manger of Neds a few times and they seem to be trying to do the right thing. We really need to give these guys a chance and just see how they fair.

The first thing I did was read there terms of service and its a general document but one thing which did people riding the hate bandwagon was the fact that they offer up to $500 on deposit but the terms state that you can only win a maximum of $1000 with the free bets (i.e. this free bet limitation was however removed on Friday October 6th). I can understand why they have done this and to be honest who even cares about free bets all I want is a service that works and it does.

I gave the system a good workout and it works really well and if you have a win on an exotic as soon as weight is declared you are paid instantly and if its a win bet you are paid minutes after the race has finished and really that's the main thing I am looking for instant payouts The fixed odds prices are also competitive and they offer the bells and whistles when it come to prices with assorted special offers. (There have been server issues for the 1st few weeks of operation see the Neds update further below).

All in all well worth checking out. Don't be jaded about a new bookmaker give them a fair chance and then its up to them how they fair.

There direct link if you want to check them out is

And if you want to claim a bonus the Neds promotional banner is below.

Cheers and great luck as always.

Mike Keenan.

Neds Update: 

Week 1 - The launch week produced server problems for Neds which saw the site not working as it should have.

Week 2: Again intermediate server problems with the site not showing at times on mobiles.

Week 3: The initial issues seem to have been sorted so the site should be running as normal and they have launched both there android and apple app.

Important Update Mid Week 3: Have been unable to contact Neds via email or phone so I finally tracked down an employee via LinkedIn and addressed my concerns to him. He then proceeded to call me a "PEASANT" so quite honestly what type of business would even dare to refer to there customers as "PEASANTS" they have a real cheek actually its more than cheek as I was way much more than angry and I still am. Needless to say I won't be using Neds again. MY ADVICE IS AVOID THIS BOOKMAKER LIKE THE PLAGUE.
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