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Horse Racing Tips Australia is an Australian registered business owned & operated by Mike Keenan and Bill MacDonald since late 2014 and our ABN number is 19 017 523 515 and you can view our Premium Members Only Login area here.
Proven Consistent Winning Results.

The 1st 3 races everywhere are provided on our website for you free everyday and our consistent winning results speak for themselves, but if you want to gain immediate access to every available rating we offer which covers every race run in Australia, 7 days a week, which is well over 12000+ Australian thoroughbred races every year. Give yourself the freedom, choice & flexibility to access our information exactly when you want so "Start Your Premium Membership" and start getting the results you want for yourself today!

And just very quickly but importantly...

Please take the time to read the following two articles and take special note on the information about "Money Management" & "Goal Setting" as an understanding of these easy & straightforward concepts is really important for using our site.

Why are we asking you to read these articles? 

Because we want you to be able to get the very best out of our website right from the beginning so start betting today with a solid well thought-out game plan and you will take a big step towards achieving exactly what you want.

If you have read and are OK with these articles please keep reading below...
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1 Day Pass For 1 Day's Premium Membership $10

Gain membership for 1 day charged just once.

Covers 1 day's full racing access.
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1 Month Premium Membership Pass $30

Membership is recurring & charged every 1 month.

Cancel your subscription at anytime please see further below.
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3 Month Premium Membership Pass $50

Membership is recurring & charged every 3 months.

Cancel your subscription at anytime please see further below.

+ Value: Which works out to be just $16.50 a month.
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1 Year Premium Membership Pass $150

Membership is recurring & charged every 1 year.

Cancel your subscription at anytime please see further below.

+ Best Value: Which works out to be just $12.50 a month.
For Your Credit Card Checkout There Are 3 Easy Steps To Follow.

Step 1: Press the Checkout Button below on the membership plan you want.

Step 2: Fill out your details for the premium members area of the website which requires your name, your email and a password of your choosing.

Step 3: Simply enter your credit card details.

Once your credit card payment has been processed you will also be automatically sent to the premium members login area of the website where you can immediately login and you also be sent an email reminding you of all your login details including the login link where you will be able to access your ratings on the site each and everyday.

And if you have any questions or problems please Contact Us as we are always here to help. 
For Premium Membership Subscription Cancellation.

1. If you wish to cancel your premium membership account with us you can do so within the members login area of our website by simply pressing the "My Profile" button located on the login box provided and by following the clear & really easy instructions given. You will need to cancel your account yourself using this process as we cannot do it for you as we don't have access to your private account details. So please cancel via the "My Profile" button and if you have a PayPal subscription setup please make sure you visit PayPal directly and make sure you have cancelled the automatic subscription you have with us and it only takes a minute. * Account cancellation is your responsibility.

Important Please Note: You can cancel your premium membership subscription at anytime you wish, but please be aware that when you do so you forfeit any time you still have remaining on your account and there are NO refunds given.

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan & Bill MacDonald.

And if you want to connect with us, message us at anytime and simply get to know us better then visit via LinkedIn directly at:

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