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Welcome to our website Horse Racing Tips Australia where today & everyday of the year the best horse racing tips we can provide covering the 1st 3 races run everywhere in Australia are available to you free. And then if you want to access all our ratings which cover every single thoroughbred race run in Australia everyday of the year then you can join us & start your membership.

So if you want horse racing tips for today or tomorrow you will find them here and don't forget the weekend as Saturday horse racing tips are a specialty and so are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays and you will never read on this website that we say we are the "Absolute Best", but we do invite you to take the time to check our results and make your mind up for yourself and you can find out even more about us below.

We also strongly believe in ethics which is why we tell our website visitors the exact truth about gambling and we then provide them with the skills they need so that the odds of them losing are not against them as much as they would normally be. 98% of gamblers lose and only 2% win consistently and these 2% understand completely the concept of Money Management which are the 2 most important words in betting.
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You will see the Exacta mentioned a lot on this site but it is for a reason as the win rate for boxed exacta's on the site averages between 30% and 50% of all races run each day. And if you can get the Exacta logic will tell you that if you have the field for 3rd you then have the Trifecta and if you have the field for 4th you then have the First 4. Dependent on field sizes and thanks to the flexi dividend if you tie the race up right you can get as much as 33% of the dividend for as little as $10 so if you would like to discover some more helpful betting strategies & advice simply read our ratings how-to guide

Don't know which races to bet or what bet type to try? Have a read of our ratings how-to guide and that will give you some good ideas you might like to try. Basically the real key is Money Management which means you only bet 5% of your bank on each race you want to wager on until you make your profit for the day and by limiting your risk you are actually giving yourself a greater chance to win and once you have reached your target goal for the day just pull out. Pretty simple stuff really but a lot of people just don't get it which is why the bookies are doing very well and always have done so.

But how do you approach it? Well this is an example i will use for exacta's but it works for any bet type. My bank is $200 and am basically spending either $6 a bet or $12 a bet so it's either 3% of my bank or 6% of my bank. I am taking the exacta's either boxed for $6 for 50% or $12 for 100% or in the format of depending on the selections but for example if the selections are 1, 2, 3, 4 I take 1 and 2 for 1st and 1, 2, 3, 4 for 2nd which costs $12 for 200% of the dividend. So basically if I am betting in $6 units it gives me 33 chances to hit a good result or series or results to get me to my goal for the day which is $50 or I bet in $12 units which gives me 16 chances to reach my goal. Today I outlaid $24 and picked up a good dividend in the first 2 races of $46.10 x 2 which equals $92.20 which gives me a profit of $68.20 and I pulled out at that point. The best time of the day is to bet early and if you check the results you should see patterns developing and you should be able to decide at a glance if something is working at a particular meeting or not. This all applies to any bet type it does not matter if it's win bets or trifecta's or first 4's. Really its pretty basic stuff and if I can get it anyone can. Limit your risks and you are on your way to success and the real trick of the whole exercise is pulling out when you hit your target which is not hard to do in practice over time. Spend small and make those little profits which all add up to you reaching your goal for the day.

How do we make our selections? All of the ratings on this site have been selected using sheer hard work and learned experience and they are the best selections statistically we can provide. Racing is simply a fantastic pastime and the primary goal of this site is to simply try and make this pastime more profitable and successful for you by providing you firstly with the runners we believe have the greatest chance of winning and secondly by introducing you to the skills which you need in order to think and act like a professional gambler.

Four selections are given for each race in there order of preference and the suggested betting strategy is to find the best value within each of the four runners provided and then back them accordingly from there. Please also remember that there is never a sure thing in racing and that it is all really just a complex game of stats & numbers with luck in running thrown in for extra measure and sometimes things simply do not go to plan, so  always remember to bet sensibly at all times.

Also on this site you will see links to very informative professional betting articles which will show you the skills to get better value from your betting dollar. These articles are written by some very experienced hands in the betting game and will be of real benefit to you, so don't forget to view these and understand them thoroughly. New betting articles are also added to the site each few weeks so please check back regularly to view the very latest information we have on offer.

Some of the latest betting articles we have available are listed immediately below...

And that is all we have to say at this very moment. So great luck & happy betting always. 

Now let's get to work finding some great priced winners!

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan & Bill MacDonald.

​​Any Questions? Phone Mike Keenan on (07) 46344012 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday or email me directly via the Contact Us page. And always please feel free to phone me as I basically work 7 days a week because this job is so intensive and time consuming and I am always happy to take some time out to have a chat to anyone about anything to do with horse racing.

ARTICLE INFORMATION OF THE MONTH: How Not To Win Betting On Horse Racing.

If you don't want to win on horse racing, here are some of the important factors NOT to take into consideration.

Don't factor in the condition of the track surface when making your selection.

The condition of a racetracks surface is one of the most important key elements that always needs to be taken into consideration in every race. If your selection does not normally handle a particular racing track surface, e.g. slow, heavy, good etc. The chances are, that it won't handle it again. Occasionally this is not always correct, but most times it is. So it is always wise to simply ignore that particular race selection and just move onto another, so as to limit any possible risk. The concept of 'risk limitation' absolutely highlights the real difference between a gambler and a professional. The gambler simply gambles and the professional considers all the factors that weigh the chances of winning, more greatly into there own favor.

Don't check if the jockey has swapped from your selection to ride another horse in the same race.

A very much forgotten factor in horse racing. If a jockey re-rides a mount then its real chances of running well, may well be increased. Why? Simply because that mount may be one that's worth re-riding. If a jockey changes mounts in a race to another runner, than obviously that runner may represent a better chance of running well. You would be surprised by just how well many of these type of runners perform, by putting this simple very much overlooked factor into action. Watch a race meeting for yourself, use this method and map the results, you may be really surprised.

Don't check if your selection is suited to a particular race's distance.

An ultimate mistake. You always need to check if your selection is best suited towards the particular distance of the race it is going to run in. Has your selection won at this distance before? Is your selection working towards this distance or is your selection breed for this distance. Misjudging the distance factor will always cost you.

Don't check the handicap weight that your selection has been given.

A horse is handicapped for one reason only and that is to make every runner run (in theory) with a somewhat equal chance of winning in a race. So you will need to make a real decision about if your runner can handle the weight it is given, in a comparison to all the runners in a race. For example, is your runner giving too much weight away to another runner, thus putting that other runner into a possible better winning weight position than your own selection.

Don't check your selections starting barrier position.

Barriers are an absolutely important factor in every race. The running position of any horse during a race, will most times determine the ultimate result of the race. Position is everything in racing. As location, location, location, is within real estate.

Don't check if your horse is being set for a particular race. 

For example, is the race it is entered for a possible or certain lead-up race for another event.

Always consider this factor if it is at all possible. Is your horse being set for a particular race? Is the current race it is about to compete in a lead up race? If it is you may be best advised to just watch this selection run.

Don't check the form of the other runners in a race, so that you can gain some idea of the way the race will be run.

How is the pace of the race going to be played out? For example, is your horse a back-marker that works home well? If so, you will want there to be a real pacemaker in the race, running quick sectional times, giving your selection a real chance to work home well. If the speed is going to be slow up-front, your runner will obviously have a lower chance of being able to work home as well.

Don't check the condition and behavior of your selection in the mounting yard before a race.

This can be a hard factor to take into consideration, especially if you are a thousand miles from the racetrack where your selection is running. If this is the case, it would be wise to for example, listen to the track commentary for any pre-race talk about the behavior and/or possible condition of your runner. For example. Is your horse sweating up? Is your horse carrying a bit of extra weight etc? This method is not always completely accurate, simply because your are relying on second hand information. It is always better, if at all possible, to be present at a particular track so that you can make your own value judgment on the condition and behavior of your selection. These factors can be a valuable guide to your selections chances of performing well at its full capability.

Don't check out the flow of money. Is it for or away from your selection?

The flow of money, especially surrounding big stables, will always give you a reasonable idea of how your runner will perform. For smaller stables, word of mouth about a particular runner's chances, always gets around and again you will be able to gauge your chances fairly. Generally however in my experience overall, the flow of money is not a gigantic absolute deciding factor in any horses chances of winning. Especially in current times, where for example TV tipster coverage etc has such a huge home audience following. One TV tipster comment can bring-in or blow-out the odds of any runner.

Don't shop around for the best possible backing price for your race selection.

Why shouldn't get the best price for your money? Why would you take 10-1 when you can get 11-1? It is simply common sense. Getting the best value price on your selection is the real key to winning. It doesn't matter if you gain your best price on the tote or from a bookmaker. As long as you get the right price, because then you will simply get the best return possible if your selection wins. And the right price ultimately determines the difference between how much you can possibly win and how much you can possibly lose.

A final summary.

There are a lot of extremely different factors that need to be really considered within any horse race. It is all about using the concept of 'risk limitation'. If you simply limit your risks, you will then have a more possible chance of winning and therefore obviously a lesser chance of losing. But ultimately it all comes down to one word, chance. Remember there is no horse race that has ever been run, that had a horse competing in it, that was an absolute certainty. There are just too many variables that really come into play and we have only just touched the surface on a few of them here. So it is always absolutely important to remember that skilled gambling, no matter what its form, is always about the concept of limiting any 'possible risks', because it is absolutely guaranteed you will never-ever eliminate all of the possible risks involved. This is simply why they call it 'gambling' and not 'certainty'. 

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