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ABOUT US: Who Are We Horse Racing Tips Australia?

Horse Racing Tips Australia

With many years combined experience in the betting game we are here to provide you with the best horse racing tips covering every thoroughbred race run in Australia everyday of the year and Horse Racing Tips Australia is an Australian registered business owned and operated by Mike Keenan & Bill MacDonald and our ABN Number is 19 017 523 515 and we have been in business here with our website since late 2014.

Now that we are both retired we have the time to devote full-time to doing what we enjoy doing the most and that is simply finding great value winners and the site also gives us a platform where we can share exactly what we have learned over the years.

Some more about us:

Mike Keenan: Was thrown into the sport of horse racing at the age of 6 which in not something I would recommend for your own children, but on the upside I got to meet a lot of interesting people over the years and I learned by there good points and remembered each and everyone of there bad points and this has left me with a very good skill set. I have had many good jobs over the years but the most enjoyable was working in sales. I retired at the age of 40 due to ill health and with investments made through the bank in the long term money market. Have been working on the site full time since 2014 and it started as a hobby but it has grown over the years into a business.

Bill MacDonald: Bill does not want me to say to much about him as he is suspicious about technology and the Internet so what I can say is that he is a lot older then me and he does all of the ratings for the site. He is an ex-bookmaker from the so called good old days and for the record there were no good old days just a good today and he is a general pain in the rear end that is most days but not always.

How do we make our selections? Through sheer hard work and learned experience and they are the best selections statistically we can provide and it is a system which we have fine tuned over many years and it works. Remember nothing is absolutely certain in racing, but what is certain is that we are always doing our best to search out those winners for you and consistency is the key to winning at everything in life and its especially important when it comes to winning at horse racing and we feel our rating results will absolutely stand up to this test and you can even view our statistics which breaks down 13,354 races on our horse racing statistics pageAnd its also very important at this moment to point out the truth and I will tell you a fact, 98% of gamblers lose overall and only 2% win consistently and the reason is they have a plan, i.e. they know all about "Money Management", but you can read more about that later in our ratings how-to guide and also by accessing the sites professional betting articles section.

Please remember to check back each day as our free horse racing selections are provided 30 minutes to 1 hour before the start of the first race of the day. Remember to simply enjoy the website and the information it contains and if you need to get in touch with us please just use the information provided on the contact us page and you will get an answer to any query usually within minutes during the day and a little longer after hours at night.

Thanks and great luck always,

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan & Bill MacDonald.

And if you want to connect with us, message us at anytime and simply get to know us better then visit via LinkedIn directly at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-keenan-19626075/

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