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Most Frequently Asked Questions?

Horse Racing Tips Australia Our Most Frequently Asked Questions?
There are 4 most frequently asked questions which we receive on the Horse Racing Tips Australia website and we shall answer them all for you really quickly below.

1. How do I understand the results information on the website?

After the winner result you will see a number for example Winner (1) $5.30 the (1) represents the winner came from the first tip in the sequence. So (2) will represent tip 2, (3) tip 3 and (4) tip 4. This information is given to help people clearly see which horse in the tips sequence actually won and it is then followed by the exacta, trifecta, first 4 and quadrella results information if we have tipped it correctly within the selections given.

To view any tip updates on the website including the live rating results if they are available simply refresh the page you are on by pressing the circle in your browser or by pressing the refresh this page buttons provided on the appropriate pages.

Note: All prices shown on the site are from the QLD TAB (Tattsbet) or Ubet as they are now known.

2. You give 4 selections in each race how does that work?

4 selections are given for each race in there exact order of preference for those that like Exacta's, Trifecta's and First 4's and you can either box or banker them and all of the different methods of exactly how you can do this are easily explained here in our comprehensive Ratings How-To Guide.

If you like betting for the Win only then the best strategy is to simply back the Top Selection given or even look wider at the Top 2 Selections if you are looking to gain some extra value. The win percentages for both the Top Selection and Top 2 Selections are provided in our Ratings How-To Guide & also on all our websites Results Pages so you might like to check there for the exact statistics.

Looking for an easy high percentage way to back our selections? Try backing our Top Selection just for the place and if you are looking for more value try taking the Top Selections just for the place in a multi. From 21 December 2015 until 11 June 2017 there were 24,396 Top Selections. Of these 24,181 actually ran, that is were not late scratching's. Of the 24,181 that ran, 6969 or 28.8% ran 1st. A further 4,540 or 18.8% ran 2nd. And a further 3,298 or 13.6% ran 3rd. So all up, the Top Selection ran 1st, 2nd or 3rd, 14,807 times or 61.2%.

3. How do you give yourself the best chance of winning?

P. L. L. D. - Planning, Logic, Luck & Discipline.

(a) Planning is using Money Management to manage your risk and you can read about this in our Ratings How-To Guide

(b) Logic is simply using common sense and strategy in making your betting selections.

(c) Luck is simply luck in running and that is what horse racing is all about reward for risk, but you can limit your risks and improve your chances of winning by using Money Management techniques.

(d) Discipline is setting goals and once you have achieved that goal walk away for the day.

4. What time do you post the tips to the site each day?

Our selections are posted from 1 hour to 30 minutes before the start of the 1st scheduled race of the day and once we start posting our ratings they are usually all finalized quickly and here at Horse Racing Tips Australia we cover every thoroughbred horse race run in Australia 365 days a year.

And if you want to be notified when our free horse racing tips are available on the website each day you can Download Our Brand New Mobile App here.

In Final Summary:

And that's it the 4 most asked questions answered quickly and easily and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask us via the contact form provided immediately below and you will get back a truthful answer. Why? Because we take what we do very seriously and we don't cut corners which is why our site is still going strong since 2014.

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan.

Any Questions? Phone Mike Keenan on (07) 46344012 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday or email me directly via the Contact Us page. And always please feel free to phone me as I basically work 7 days a week because this job is so intensive and time consuming and I am always happy to take some time out to have a chat to anyone about anything to do with horse racing.

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