Tuesdays Free Horse Racing Tips

Tuesdays Best Free Horse Racing Tips & The 1st 3 Races Everywhere Are Free.
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Tuesdays Horse Racing Tips
A quick introduction for Tuesday:

And Yes we cover every Australian thoroughbred horse race everyday of the year.

Our free horse racing tips covering the 1st 3 races everywhere for this Tuesday... are published further below on this page starting from 30 minutes to 1 hour before the first scheduled race of the day and we honestly believe our free ratings are the best you will find anywhere and then if you would like to access the rest of the day's ratings then become a premium member and always remember results are everything and you can always check ours at check all our daily results.

We also strongly believe in ethics which is why we tell our website visitors the exact truth about gambling and we then provide them with the skills they need so they can get the best out of there betting, so that the odds of them losing are not against them as much as they would normally be. 98% of gamblers lose and only 2% win consistently and these 2% understand completely the concept of "Money Management" which are the 2 most important words in betting and you can learn more about this below.

Important Please Read: 

Bill MacDonald who does all of the ratings for the website and knows exactly what he is talking about has a defined strategy to his betting and that is that he pulls out as soon as he makes his goal money target for the day. It does not cost huge amounts of money to get to the target you may set for yourself for example $20, $50 or $100. You could back the top selection or back the first 2 selections. You could banker the top selection in the trifecta from the 3 other tips in each race for $3.00 for a half or you could box the four selections for $12.00 for a half. You could take the exacta boxed for $6.00 for a half or you could banker the top selection from the 3 other tips costing $1.50 for a half. You can take a first four bankered or boxed and it again costs almost nothing to put on. You could even take the quadrella for 5% of the dividend for $13. Really there are so many possibilities and they all cost so very little money to play. But please remember to set yourself a goal for the day be it $20, $50 or $100 and NEVER push it, just walk away once you have reached it. Discipline is always key. The longer you play the greater chance of you losing. 98% of gamblers lose and only 2% win consistently and these 2% understand completely the concept of Money Management and please also always remember to NEVER bet more than you can afford to lose. 

Something interesting:

You will see the Exacta mentioned a lot on this site but it is for a reason as the win rate for boxed exacta's on the site averages between 30% and 50% of all races run each day. And if you can get the Exacta logic will tell you that if you have the field for 3rd you then have the Trifecta and if you have the field for 4th you then have the First 4. Dependent on field sizes and thanks to the flexi dividend if you tie the race up right you can get as much as 33% of the dividend for as little as $10 so if you would like to discover some more helpful betting strategies & advice simply read our ratings how-to guide

Don't know which races to bet or what bet type to try? Have a read of our ratings how-to guide and that will give you some good ideas you might like to try. Basically the real key is Money Management which means you only bet 5% of your bank on each race you want to wager on until you make your profit for the day and by limiting your risk you are actually giving yourself a greater chance to win and once you have reached your target goal for the day just pull out. Pretty simple stuff really but a lot of people just don't get it which is why the bookies are doing very well and always have done so.

And if you want to connect with us, message us at anytime and simply get to know us better then visit via LinkedIn directly at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-keenan-19626075/

And that's it, so good luck & great betting this Tuesday...

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan & Bill MacDonald.

Tuesdays August 22nd Free Horse Racing Tips.
This Tuesdays August 22nd free horse racing tips covering the 1st 3 races everywhere... will be available immediately below starting from 30 minutes to 1 hour before the 1st scheduled race of the day on this Tuesday the 22nd so please check back here then and we honestly believe you will discover our free ratings are the best you will find anywhere and yes we cover every thoroughbred horse race run in Australia 365 day's a year, but you will need to become a premium member to gain access to every selection we provide. 
Please Note:

1: All selections on the site are given in there exact order of preference.
2: 4 selections are given for those that like exacta's, trifecta's & first 4's.
3: Refresh the page to see any updates and also the live results.
4: To understand the ratings & our results read our most Frequently Asked Questions.
Tuesday's August 22nd Free Horse Racing Tips:
Tuesdays August 22nd free ratings will be posted right here in this space very shortly...

Looking for an easy high percentage way to back our selections? Try backing our Top Selection just for the place and if you are looking for more value try taking the Top Selections just for the place in a multi. From 21 December 2015 until 11 June 2017 there were 24,396 Top Selections. Of these 24,181 actually ran, that is were not late scratching's. Of the 24,181 that ran, 6969 or 28.8% ran 1st. A further 4,540 or 18.8% ran 2nd. And a further 3,298 or 13.6% ran 3rd. So all up, the Top Selection ran 1st, 2nd or 3rd, 14,807 times or 61.2%.

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