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Horse Racing Beginners Guide

How Do I Read A Form Guide & How  Do I Place A Bet On A Horse Race? 

A Complete Horse Racing Beginners Guide.

Horse racing is without doubt one of the most exciting sports to get involved in, mention racing and the Melbourne Cup springs straight into everyone's mind, with get-together's, luncheons and Calcutta's. And you can get even more involved in all of this action, the easiest way is simply being able to place your own bet. This is however where some confusion may set in, when in fact the complete opposite should be the case. Horse racing is really one of the simplest sports to understand and after reading only this 1 page you will be well on your way to being one of those racing experts you are always seeing on TV.

The Basic Racing Form Guide:

Look's complex doesn't it? I will let you in on a secret! It's not really.
Horse Racing Beginners Guide
The (No.) simply represents the horses number in the race.

The (Last 6) simply represents where the horse finished in it's last 6 starts. You will also see a few letters in amongst all the numbers and I will explain all of these shortly.

The (Br) simply represents the barrier that each horse starts from.

The (Jockey) is the horses rider.

The (Wgt) is simply the weight which the horse will carry in the race.

The (Form). Here you will see a multitude of different letter's, but what do they all mean?

T - Means that the horse has won before at this same track.

C - Means that the horse has won before at this same race distance and at this same track.

D - Means that the horse has won before at this same race distance, but the win was at a different track.

W - Means that the horse has won a race on a track rated SLOW or HEAVY.

B - Mean's that the horse started favorite at it's last start, but it did not win.

H - Means that the horse is trained on this same track.

N - Means that the horse has won a race before at a night race meeting.

X - Means that the horse has had a spell, which means the horse has not started in a race for 3 months or more.

F - Means that the horse has fell in a race.

P - Means that the horse was pulled up by a jockey in a race.

L - Means that the horses jockey fell off the horse in a race.

The (Career) simply represents the total number of starts the horse has had and where the horse finished, 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

The (Trainer) is the name of the horses trainer.

The Slightly Harder Racing Form:

And this is about as hard as it gets, which is even rather easier. Let's have a look at Centrebet's own form guide example page. 

Understanding a form guide is now really easy wouldn't you agree?

And Placing A Bet On A Horse Race Is Just As Simple:

The most confusing part of horse racing for all beginners is working out what all the different betting types actually mean. 

So here are all of the most popular betting types simply explained.

Win Bet: Your selection must win for you to collect.

Place Bet: Your selection must place (1st,2nd or 3rd) for you to collect.

Eachway Bet: Your selection can either win or place for you to collect.

Quinella: Your selections must finish in the first two placing's in any order e.g. (1st,2nd) or (2nd,1st). 

Box Quinella: Taking multiple box selections for example (1, 2, 3 & 4) and if any of these selections finish in the first two race placing's, then you will collect e.g. (1,2) or (2,3) or (4,1) etc.

Exacta: Like a quinella, however your selections must finish in an exact (1st & 2nd) order for you to collect. Generally this bet type pays more than a quinella, because the odds of you winning are actually lesser.

Trifecta: Your selections must finish in the exact order (1st, 2nd & 3rd) for you to collect.

Multiple Trifecta: Basically this a way of enhancing your chances of winning by playing more possible winning sequences. For example: You choose a horse to win, which is your banker (1) and this horse must win and then you choose your horses e.g. (2 & 3) on the second line, which means that either of these horses need to be placed second and then on the third line you once again have your horses e.g. (2 & 3) and again either of these horses must place third. So your winning sequences for you to collect would be either (1/2/3) or (1/3/2). 

Box Trifecta: You are boxing your trifecta and increasing your number of winning sequences. For example if you box the numbers (1,2 & 3) you can collect if the result is (1,2 & 3) or (1, 3 & 2) or (2,1 & 3) or (2, 3 & 1) or (3, 2 & 1) or (3, 1 & 2).

First Four: Picking the first four placing's in order (1,2,3 & 4). This bet type although very tough to pick correctly, will pay a small fortune if do you select it correctly, for example in a race like the Melbourne Cup.

Double/Extra Double: Picking the exact winner of two different nominated races.

Treble: Picking the exact winner of three different nominated races.

Quadrella: Picking the exact winner of four different nominated races.

And That's It! You Are On Your Way.


You are now well on your way to participating even more in the great sport of horse racing. This entire website contains a wealth of racing information, however if there is still something you are not sure about and just need to know, you are more than welcome to send me an email and I will answer your question as best that I can.

Enjoy your visit here!

Best Regards, 

Mike Keenan.

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