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Our Horse Racing Statistics From The Horse Racing Tips Australia Website:

Below you will find some really interesting statistics which break down a very large population of races run which will give you a better insight into just how effective our ratings on the website are over a defined period of time.

Please note I Mike Keenan did not compile these stats as they were done as you can read below by a continual user of the site. I only look at the stats for each day and don't keep a cumulative tally so if you have a question just contact me and I will pass his details on so you can ask any questions etc. Cheers!

These statistics were compiled by a good friend to the website and luckily he has given us permission to use some of the information he has available as he has spent a lot of time doing this and for me personally with all of the jobs I have to do there is no time left for much else. There were also a few questions about how the POT% is calculated and I addressed this question to him and this is what he wrote back...

The answer to your question is that I have counted on a per course basis, the number of first rated horses that actually ran, (i.e. net of barrier scratching) and have summed the winnings of those first rated horses that actually won. So I have not used the second rated horse to replace the first rated, but have only used the first rated horses that firstly ran and then went on to win. The winning amounts are as per what was paid out on the NSW TAB. So the Pot was what was paid out for the first rated horse who won divided by the number of first rated horses that actually ran, on a course by course basis. Oh and I only used the NSW Tab because I have an account with them.

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan.

Any Questions? Phone Mike Keenan on (07) 46344012 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday or email me directly via the Contact Us page. And always please feel free to phone me as I basically work 7 days a week because this job is so intensive and time consuming and I am always happy to take some time out to have a chat to anyone about anything to do with horse racing.
Warning! If you think that betting on every race is a good idea then you should NOT use this website. The percentages given on the website are only an overall measure of strike rate consistency and if you not OK with the concepts of money management and goal setting then quite honestly this website is just not for you and you should not be using it because the truth is you will not make a fortune in a day, but you can turn those small wins you do have into a lot of money over the course of an entire year.

1: The first grouping of data looks at 13,534 races as a population over the past 10 months of racing up until October 2016 and presented is what the Strike Rate and Pot for all 4 rated horses are, net of barrier scratching's. 
horse racing statistics

2: The second grouping of data outlines the sweet spot in terms of NSW TAB odds for the first rated horse.
horse racing statistics

3: The third grouping of data measures the consistency of the ratings after every 500 races. 
horse racing statistics

4: The fourth grouping of data covers the period from June 2016 until October 2016 and it shows what the first rated horse Strike Rate and Pot is at each 100 race intervals. 
horse racing statistics
horse racing statistics

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