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Our Complete Horse Racing Tips / Ratings Results.

Check our 2017 results for each day by using the links below:

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Check our 2016 results for each day by using the links below:

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Warning! If you think that betting on every race is a good idea then you should NOT use this website. The percentages given on the website are only an overall measure of strike rate consistency and if you not OK with the concepts of money management and goal setting then quite honestly this website is just not for you and you should not be using it because the truth is you will not make a fortune in a day, but you can turn those small wins you do have into a lot of money over the course of an entire year.

On this site our ratings provide you with "Proven Consistent Results" and we believe that "Results Are Everything" and we invite you to take a real close look at what we do.
Simply use the links provided above to check all our results from the website covering what we have achieved everyday of the week since the site began way back in late 2014 and the full results are always published everyday at the end of each days racing. 

We are very proud of our results and we stand by them absolutely.

You will also find helpful open and honest summaries of exactly how the day has gone. If we have had a great day we will tell you and if we have had just an average day we will also tell you as well.

Look also for the detailed statistical summary outlining each day under the main heading title: The results are in...

And finally remember nothing is hidden on this site as everything you see is what you get. 

Best Regards, 

Mike Keenan & Bill MacDonald.
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