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Horse Racing Tips Australia Our Group Forums:
We run three horse racing forums which are all tied directly to this website and you can join one or even all of these if you wish and the details about these forums is provided for you below.

All of the following groups are located on Facebook, but Facebook has really become redundant so you can now connect with us, message us at anytime and simply get to know us better on LinkedIn

HRTA Group Forum - This is a smaller group with 550+ members and growing that is for horse racing discussion and general problem solving for paid members of our website and for those who are really interested in becoming a paid member of this site, there is also general horse racing discussion as well on a wide variety of different racing topics.

Australian Horse Racing Tips Group Forum - With over 6000+ members this is a huge group forum for just general horse racing discussion and good old fashioned banter on a wide variety of different topics including from horse racing to every different type of sport.

HRTA Members Only Forum - We have now also launched a Horse Racing Tips Australia paid members only forum for total questions, answers, help and discussion with paid members of our website only allowed to participate.

Please feel free to join any of these groups and remember to really enjoy them and all the information they provide.

Best Regards,

Mike Keenan.

And if you want to connect with us, message us at anytime and simply get to know us better then visit via LinkedIn
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