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Horse Racing Terminology

Some Of The Horse Racing Terminology Most Commonly Used In Australia:

If you are really interested in horse racing in Australia you will want to learn about all of the different terminology that is used. So here is a list of the most frequently used racing terms and their meanings: 

Apprentice: A rider who learning the skills to become a qualified and licensed jockey.

Acceptor: A horse who accepts to participate in a race.

Bit: A mouthpiece device that is used to control a horse's action.

Bridle: A device that is used to help in the control of a horse's action.

Bleed: When blood appears in the nostril of a horse due to a hemorrhaging from within the lung.

Blinkers: Provides a coverage of the eye or eyes to help with race concentration.

Bookmaker: A person licensed to accept bets.

Broken-down: When a horse sustains an injury which stops it from competing within a race.

Broodmare: A female breeding horse.

Check: A result of the interference sustained during a race.

Colt: A male horse up to three years of age.

Correct weight: When the weight of a horse is further verified as being carried correctly past the post and no-word is given to a steward/official about any interference occurring during a race which may have given cause to affect the chances of another prize money placed runner.
Dam: The mother of a horse.

Dead-heat: When two or more horses finish a race in a completely equal position.

Farrier: A person who fits a protective shoe to a horse's hoof.

Favorite: The horse who is given the greatest winning chance.

Filly: A female horse up to three years of age.

Foal: A newly born horse.

Form: All of a horse's past race performances.

Furlong: Approximately a distance of 200 meters.

Gelding: A male horse that has been castrated.

Hand: A general height measurement used with horses.

Handicap: The amount of weight that is used to make a horse more equal in its race chances against another horse of higher or lesser ability.

Jockey: A fully experienced and licensed racing rider.

Length: A general length of distance used to describe the distance between horses in a race.

Maiden: A horse that has not yet won a race.

Mare: A female horse four years and over.

Photo-Finish: When the finish of a race is too close-to-call for the human eye.

Protest: If interference has occurred during a race that may have impeded the chances of another runner.

Race Caller: A person who calls the immediately occurring action in a race.

Scratched: When a horse is withdrawn from a race.

Shin-sore: When a horse is tender in the shin.

Silks: The jacket and cap covering worn by the jockey which designates the owner, trainer or sponsor of a horse within a race.

Sire: The father of a horse.

Stallion: A male horse 4 years of age and older.

Starter: The person who is in charge of starting a race at a fair and equal standing for all runners.

Starting Barrier: A machine which lets all horses start equally in one immediate action.

Strapper: A person who looks after the welfare and equipping of a horse. 

Weanling: A foal which has been removed from its mother.

Whip: A motivational riding device.

Yearling: A horse who is one year of age.
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