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Expert Betting Advice For The Beginner:

What I am about to reveal in this article is perhaps one of the most underestimated aspects to betting on horses. Of all the expert betting advice I give, this ranks up there as one of the key items that all punters should know, hence the reason for me sharing this with you via this article. 

So what is it that I am referring to? It's something that not a lot of people possess, but equally it can be learned and I am pleased to say that many of my members have learned from my many years of experience in horse racing. The important skill in question: discipline. 

Why Beginners Face A Challenge:

One of the biggest difficulties that punters have when trying to make the transition from practicing a hobby (as an amateur), to following expert betting advice and investing their time and money in horse racing for profit, is a lack of discipline. 

Bookmakers to a certain degree take advantage of this fact, and often have daily promotions and special offers that may do nothing but make a punter lose their money. But the bookies exist to make money though, don't they? 

Well yes they do, however there is a perception that the bookmakers count on the vast majority of punters being willing to sit in front of a television or computer and bet on anything on the screen. Unfortunately, most punters that are betting on horse racing do exactly that and will therefore never be successful. These are punters are often happy with the occasional win, but they are operating an overall long-term losing strategy. 

Important Points You Need To Know To Improve Your Discipline:

As basic as it sounds (and I will elaborate on this below) it is all about having a strategy and sticking to it. Even a poor strategy is better than no strategy. If you're privvy to expert betting advice you will be aware of this and appreciate that knowing when to 'walk away' is absolutely key to your success. 

Betting on horses, if pursued as a serious venture, needs to be treated just like a business. As you will know from previous articles that I have written, I always preach about looking for value horses and not just backing favourites, so you need to have a plan and not just bet on a whim. 

Whether you are following someone else's strategy or your own, you must stick to it no matter what. Whether you win or lose, do not be tempted to deviate away from this strategy. 

When Winning Can be Dangerous: 

Beginners often find that their discipline is stretched, particularly after a good winning streak, as there is a temptation to lump more money on your next horse. This is a classic mistake, as a punter starts to feel overconfident in their abilities leading to them allowing their discipline to slip. 

A successful punter in this very same situation will stick to the plan. Indeed, the plan may dictate that your next bet will require extra funds (perhaps due to the horse's value, form and potential), however it should never be done emotionally. 

Being Boring Is Best: 

I know this is a strange way to put it, but its often a misconception that betting properly is boring, and that there is no fun involved. 

Well, that may be the case, however I have found that when I am winning, no matter how boring the process is, the end result is fun. I would rather have a healthy betting bank and less fun, than the reverse. 

A successful punter always keep their head when others around them are losing it and this is what you're aiming at. When others are taking part in an illogical feeding frenzy over series of emotionally induced bets, you remain steadfast in allowing yourself to take a good close look at the odds and probabilities behind the bet. This allows you to make an intelligent decision to turn away and protect that precious betting bank capital.

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